How To Make A Million Dollars

Many media sources claim that 2008 is a year of recession. Recession is a good thing because it wakes people up from living in their comfort zones. There are only 2 things that someone can do when they suspect that the country is in recession:

1. Stop spending your money & save it.

2. Look for a way to make more income.

Most people may choose the first choice. If you are here reading this article right now then you must have taken the second choice. Give yourself a hand because you deserve it. Why should anyone settle for less than they are worth?

Here are a few typical ways that most people “try” to make a million dollars:

1. Lottery

2. Gambling

3. Inheritance

4. Marriage

5. Mutual Funds


You will have much better chances to get into a train wreck, auto wreck or plane wreck than winning the lottery. The odds are against you big time.


Maybe you can learn the art of gambling but that may take a life time. Unfortunately most people do not have enough time to quit their jobs & learn how to become a professional gambler so this may not be your best option. Most of the casinos are set up for you to lose. They are in business to make money & will do everything in their power to make your money without losing theirs. The average Joe doesn’t stand a chance in gambling.


How many rich uncles do you know that love you & are just about ready to keel over?


This might be possible but it’s still a lot of work. You are better off making it on your own. How good will you feel about marrying for money?

Mutual Funds:

Do you know who tells most people to invest in mutual funds? The banks are the ones who tell you to do this because it is safe. The thing that they fail to tell you is that nothing is safe. Anyone who made a million before most likely didn’t make it safely. They took risks that most people wouldn’t do. You are better off with the casinos than listening to the bank. The casinos will take your money while you are visiting them. The banks want to take your money for the rest of your life. That’s how they convince people to take on mortgages for 25 or 30 years.

Okay so the methods above aren’t the best ways to make a million dollars. I only said that’s how most people try to make a million dollars. Most people are not rich.

Here are a few methods that the wealthy use to make millions:

1. Mind Set

2. Desire

3. Belief

4. Goals

5. Working Smarter

Mind Set:

The only thing that makes a millionaire a millionaire is their mind set. Rich people do think & act differently than poor people. You will have to expand your mind with books, seminars & any other form of wealth building tools that can assist you to thinking like a millionaire. Rich people don’t let problems stop them from achieving anything. They look at problems as something that needs a solution. Most people who are trying to achieve anything out of the ordinary will quit at the first road block or hurdle.


Millionaires have a lot of desire. If you don’t have enough desire to make a million then you won’t. In order to become wealthy you will have to take the road less travelled. You will have to make some sacrifices that most people wouldn’t make. The only thing that can keep you going is your drive or desire. Desire is King.


Anyone who made a million dollars before you knew that they were going to do it. They didn’t know exactly how but they just knew that they would. If you do not believe that you are somehow capable of achieving a million dollars then you won’t. The only way that you can achieve something great without total belief is if your desire is powerful enough. Most people that have achieved anything great had a desire underneath their financial goal. They wanted some kind of change really bad & the only way to make that change was with a lot of money. If you don’t have enough belief right now but your desire is strong enough then it will keep guiding you until you start believing in your goals or dreams.

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