Find The Secret Goldmines In Internet Sports Betting

Internet sports betting opens up a whole new world to the casual hobby bettor, or the experienced professional. Usually you can only place bets if you can physically get to a sportsbook shop, and although some sportsbooks do allow phone bets, internet sports betting means you can bet on virtually any game from anywhere in the world. And now, thanks to enhanced internet security, you can bet large amounts in complete safety from the comfort of your own home.

By far the best thing about internet sports betting though, is that there are so many competing bookmakers offering different odds. From a consumers point of view, competition is always good, because it encourages the sportsbooks to undercut each other and offer us (the bettors) a better deal!

This means there are literally piles of goldmine betting opportunities on the internet – you just have to know how to recognise them when you see them.

Internet Sports Betting Goldmine #1 – Good Value Bets

Finding good value for your bets is easy, since the value is down to you. First off, decide how likely you think your team is to win, or lose, or whatever type of bet you’re making. Then, look for odds which support your choice, and offer you value. For example, if you think you team will win 3 times for each loss (3:1), you want odds that will pay you at least 3:1 on your UFABET. Any less than that and you’re not getting good value. Any more (4:1 or higher), and you’re getting GREAT value for your money.

Obviously, the hard part is deciding on the odds yourself. Be careful you don’t pick your odds to match those available from the sportsbooks. You have to make your decision first, then look for people to pay you.

Internet Sports Betting Goldmine #2 – Bet The House

Sprotsbooks often have maximum bet limits, to save themselves from going bankrupt on a lucky winner, and to help them monitor and control their offerings. Because there are so many online sportsbooks, you can often place the same bet with several different companies, thereby overcoming the maximum bet limits. If you are very confident of your picks, you can bet the house (although we wouldn’t recommend it!).

Internet Sports Betting Goldmine #3 – Overlapping Odds

And here’s the real killer – overlapping odds. These are hard to find, but put simply: sportsbook A offers 3:1 for a win, and sportsbook B offers 3:1 for a lose. So, you bet on both outcomes, and you are GUARANTEED to win, regardless of the outcome. Sportsbooks do keep an eye on each other to avoid this from happening, and usually if they see a surge of unusual bets they’ll close the offer, but if you can get in first, you can essentially pocket free money.



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