Five memorable Pakistan-England Tests

Pakistan-England rivalry is one of the longest-running and fiercest in world cricket, producing some of its most thrilling Test matches and memorable individual performances in history. These encounters between two cricketing giants have never failed to grip spectators globally and delight cricket enthusiasts everywhere – this article takes us down memory lane by revisiting five memorable Pakistan-England Test matches from years gone by!

At The Oval in 1954, Pakistan marked a historic achievement by winning their inaugural Test match against England and winning by 24 runs at The Oval. Fazal Mahmood made history that day by bowling 12 wickets himself; marking this momentous occasion and leaving an indelible imprint upon cricket history forevermore. This momentous occasion also marks Pakistan’s Test legacy which stands the test of time to this very day.

Karachi 1973 – Derek Underwood Shines

England’s legendary spinner Derek Underwood made history when his bowling figures of 7 for 50 in the second innings propelled England to an exciting win by only 24 runs! Fans everywhere witnessed Underwood’s spinning magic as fans on both teams held their breath as this match came down to its last deliveries – leaving fans on edge! This match remains remembered today thanks to Underwood and Underwood’s heroics on a turning pitch that had everyone spellbound from start to finish!

Karachi 1987 – Imran Khan Show

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s charismatic captain, and legendary all-rounder, played an essential part in their Test series against England in 1987. His magnificent all-round display, including scoring a century and taking 10 wickets against them in one match alone propelled them to complete victory – it remains a fond memory among Pakistan cricket fans today Online cricket betting pakistan.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Raw Pace In the 2000 Lahore Test match, Pakistan saw Shoaib Akhtar make an unforgettable impact, also known as “Rawalpindi Express.” Shoaib’s impressive pace and lethal deliveries shocked England’s batting lineup into submission, earning a five-wicket haul each innings against them and helping Pakistan secure victory while cementing his status as one of cricket’s fastest bowlers ever seen in action. His explosive spell would go on to become legendary and cement his status among cricketing history’s fastest bowlers ever.

Lord’s, 2016 – Yasir Shah’s Spin Magic

At Lord’s Test 2016, Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah created magic around English batsmen by taking a 10-wicket haul in this historic match at Lord’s. Yasir’s spectacular spin bowling made an everlasting impact and wrote yet another chapter into the Pakistan-England Test matches’ rich history.


Pakistan-England Test cricket history is rich with unforgettable moments and these five matches in particular stand out as milestones of Test history. From Pakistan’s maiden victory at Lord’s in 1954 to Yasir Shah’s spin magic at Lord’s in 2016, these encounters epitomize what Test cricket represents: an intense test of skill, resilience, and resolve.

These Test matches stand as testaments to Pakistan and England’s longstanding rivalry and continue to intrigue cricket fans worldwide. Looking ahead, one thing remains certain; these memorable encounters will remain part of cricket history forevermore.


Q: Why are Pakistan-England Test matches special?

A: Their historic rivalry, thrilling contests, and incredible performances by players make these Test matches unforgettable spectacles of cricketing beauty.

Q: Who holds the record for most wickets taken during the Pakistan-England Test series?

A: Derek Underwood of England holds this distinction with 129 wickets taken across 11 matches between 1979-1982 in Pakistan-England Test matches.

Which Pakistani cricketer is known for their outstanding spin bowling against England?

A: Yasir Shah stands out due to his powerful bowling performances against them.

Q: How many Test matches have Pakistan and England played against each other?

A: As of the last update, Pakistan and England have played over 80 Test matches against each other.

Q: Why was the 1973 Karachi Test important?

A: It stands out because of Derek Underwood’s remarkable bowling performance which helped lead England to victory by just five runs.

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